Neurology Appointment

Six weeks ago, Mom followed up on one of the recommendations from the TEASC committee and began the process of getting Lyn scheduled with a geriatric neurologist.  She had called the neurologist's office and requested an appointment.  She was turned down due to Lyn's age and a lack of an official referral.

The neurologist is associated with the committee and specifically mentioned by name in their report.  Mom explained that she was taking action due to the committee's findings and that was rejected as well.  Because of the neurologist's association with committee, the entirety of Lyn's file was available to the neurologist and his staff.  Mom called her contact with the committee and explained the challenge she was having getting Lyn on the neurologist's schedule.  Her contact stepped in to help out.  

In Mom's next conversation with the scheduler, she was again turned down for an appointment.  This time, she was told that the doctor would review Lyn's file and he would decide if he needed to see her.  

Earlier this week, the neurologist's office called to schedule Lyn for an appointment next week.  The neurologist has decided to see her.  


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