Honor the Caregiver

November is National Family Caregivers Month.

It is with a grateful heart that I sit here thinking of Mom and the care she provides my sister.  Mom has spent 40+ years looking after Lyn, ensuring that her needs are met and that she's supported such that she doesn't know that she has limitations.

For all the nights you spent sitting up in a chair with Lyn so she could breathe, I thank you.
For all the impatience and frustration you soothed so Lyn and I could share a room as peacefully as possible, I thank you.
For the insights you shared about Lyn, the setting of expectations, the broadening of horizons so that we all could see in her the spark you saw, I thank you.
For never giving up on her, for pushing her to achieve and for holding her accountable for her actions, I thank you.
For fighting for her education, advocating for her health and demanding that the laws protecting her be appropriately applied, I thank you.

You taught us that she's a person and our sister first and foremost.
You taught us that she is not defined by her disability and not limited by her test scores.
You taught us that she is as worthy of love, respect and care as the rest of us.
You gave me a model as a mother that I hope to live up to.

I am proud of you
because you never gave up on her or the rest of us,
because you continue to be there for her in ways unanticipated,
because you are Mom and you make it all seem possible.

I am proud of you and humbled.

Thank you.


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I love you all, I can say I did try and I appreciate being acknowledged.


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