Earlier this week, Lyn decided her stomach hurt and she wanted a bubble bath to feel better.  This is nothing new and is a long standing practice of hers.  After a few minutes, Mom noticed the hall light was on.  She got up and went to find out why it was on.  The sun had not set fully yet and Lyn's bedroom is right next to the bathroom.

Mom came around the corner and found Lyn standing in front of the linen closet.  The door was open and he was holding her pajama bottoms in her hands.  Mom asked if she needed help.  Lyn said she didn't and she was getting ready for a bath "and might need something."  Mom just stood back and waited as Lyn continued just looking in the closet.  The closet has bed and bath linens and extra toilet paper.

After a few minutes, Lyn smiled, closed the closet door and went into the bathroom.  Her new towels were hanging in the bathroom already.  Lyn never decided she needed something from the closet.  Behaviors like this will become more common as her Alzheimer's progresses.  She may not be able to give more of an explanation than she did this time.

Actually, I think she did pretty well even if she wasn't sure why she was just standing and staring into the closet.  Honestly, it doesn't really matter why.  She wasn't upset and that was the important part.


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