Three Day Celebration

Lyn's birthday celebrations continue today.

She is excited that a friend of the family will pick her up from day hab today to take her out to an early birthday dinner.

She was very surprised when Mom and their neighbor returned to day hab today with the pizzas and cake for lunch.  She was the center of attention and was her most delightful self.  She decided to help make sure that the staff and other day hab clients all got enough to eat.

This was better than how she responded to the neighbors helping her celebrate Sunday night.  Even though she was at home, she was anxious and surly.  Fortunately, they know what's going on with Lyn and are not offended when she's having an off day.

I spoke with Lyn last night and wished her a Happy Birthday.  She was so animated and excited.  She told me that the Target gift card I sent her was just the right size.  When I asked her age, she correctly told me 42.  I acted shocked and said "You're older than me!" as if I hadn't known that before.  She just giggled.


  1. A perfect birthday and perfect response! You're a loving sister :)


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