Want a Daisy?

I just hung up from checking in with Mom and Lyn.  After Lyn was done talking to me, she handed the phone back to Mom with the usual "She has to go now.  She's tired."  I'm apparently tired a lot.  Mom takes the phone and finds me on the other end laughing again.  It is the same with each phone call.  

What has changed recently is the open disapproval that sets in at this point.  Mom and I continue chatting but Lyn has finished an has decided that we need to be finished too.  She has started glaring at Mom and after a while will say again that I need to go because I'm tired.  If Mom tries to distract her, she increases the use of The Look.  It really has reached a point where it is non-stop.  If Mom and I talk for another 45 minutes, Lyn glares and mutters for 45 minutes at least.  

A couple of times, Mom commented that "if looks could kill, I'd be dead."  That upset Lyn even more.  So, now Mom asks if I want a daisy.  When she mentions daisies, I know she's telling me that my sister is being her lovely and charming self.  

Lyn hasn't figured out that referring to a daisy is calling out her glares.  She's not upset when she hears Mom say this.  So, it works out.  She can continue giving The Look and Mom and I can chuckle about it without hurting her feelings.


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