Even More Puzzles

A year ago, I wrote about Lyn's love of puzzles and her increasing frustration with them.  There were months in 2012 when she wouldn't pull out a puzzle at all.  Her frustration kept her from wanting to try to put pieces together.  Then, with the changes we're seeing more and more, it became more an issue of "out of sight, out of mind."

Last week, Lyn found a puzzle and decided to work on it.  Surprisingly, she sat there for over an hour.  In that hour, she was able to successfully put three pieces together.  The puzzle was from a box that had 500 pieces which made up 3 different puzzles.  After an hour sitting and staring, she put it away in frustration.  She announced to Mom that she wanted to do another on.  When Mom suggested a puzzle with 300 larger pieces, she rejected it saying it frustrated her too much.

Lyn picked out a second puzzle and put it away for the same reason within 5 minutes.  She tried again with a third before giving up for the night.  The puzzles haven't come back out since.

They have been put away and are again out of mind.


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