Lyn is, in many ways, a puzzle of a person.  She's never been one to be classified easily.  She doesn't fit expectations of what she should or could be able to accomplish.  One of the things that Lyn has been able to do is jigsaw puzzles.

Lyn has been doing them since we were young.  The earliest memory we have of Lyn working on puzzles happened when we were in high school over 20 years ago.  (No much over, mind you.)  We were living in Montana when an Aunt and Uncle came to visit us.  Lyn asked our Uncle to join her in the dining room where she had a puzzle started.  He did.  They sat there working on the puzzle together until dinner.

She used to be able to sit for an hour or two working on the puzzle.  She's not able to do that any more.  Her frustration limit is much shorter.  Mom is having to intervene when she sees Lyn getting more and more frustrated to prevent a burst of tears.  When Mom sees the frustration increasing, she asks Lyn to just walk away from the puzzle.  She can leave it on the table and come back to it later.  She just needs to take more breaks from it now.


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