Her Food Preferences

As Lyn has gotten older, she has limited the number of foods that she will willingly eat.  Lyn has no dietary restrictions and no food allergies.  She does, however, have very strong preferences.  This is proving to be a challenge with providing lunches for Lyn's time at day hab.

Last night, Mom and I talked for a while to come up with lunch ideas for Lyn while keeping in mind her food preferences.  For example, Lyn will not eat chicken nuggets but will eat unbreaded, unseasoned chicken tenders.  She will not eat meatballs but she will eat a hamburger.  She does not like mashed potatoes but she will eat boiled potatoes that you squash on her plate with a little butter.  She will not eat kielbasa but she will eat smoked sausage.  Lyn does not like sandwiches, soups, or salads and will only eat them if there is no other option.  She likes pasta, sometimes rice and very occasionally potatoes.  She also doesn't like leftovers.

Her dietary restrictions are contradictory in many ways.  It is just the way she is.  There is no use arguing with her or pointing out that a hamburger is essentially a sandwich, that Cheesy Chicken Chowder is a soup, or that carrot or macaroni salads are in the salad family.

As for the leftovers issue, apparently there is a bit of an option here.  Mom just purchased Lyn a new set of lunch containers.  Mom will be putting food in these containers after dinner so that Lyn can have it for lunch the next day.  The food in these containers is NOT leftovers according to Lyn.

My husband and I take our lunches to work most days.  I rely heavily on leftovers.  It is a good thing that Lyn's new containers lift the leftover restriction because they've asked me to help them come up with ideas for lunches.  Even without this restriction, her food preferences are always a challenge for me.  I'm sure I'll be able to make some suggestions.


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