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Lyn will help Mom with her gardening.  It is not her favorite way to help, but she'll do it.

After they moved out of the house with the half acre of grass, Mom wanted a yard the size of a postage stamp.  The previous yard required constant work.  One day a week, you had to flood the lawn and let the water run until you got a couple of inches of standing water.  The next day, you had to let the water finish seeping in.  By the third or fourth day, you had to mow it.  If you didn't do this, the lawn would dry out and turn to dust very quickly.  Unlike Kentucky, New Mexico is not known for lush lawns.

The current house had to use less water and require less work than what they had managed for a decade.  Mom knew what she was after and got it exactly.  Mom maintains the small raised flower bed at the back of the property which Lyn is pictured sitting in above.  The wheel barrow and a bunch of pots round out their current gardening effort.  Mom picked out plants that are well suited for the area and the bed has filled out over the past couple of years.

Once the bed was planted, Lyn decided that she would help water the plants.  She will sometimes offer to do it on her own.  At other times, Mom might ask her to do it.  Either way, Mom now has to check to make sure that all the plants were watered when Lyn's done.

The lawn doesn't count in their yard maintenance efforts.  It is artificial and just requires the occasional vacuuming.  Yes, they sometimes vacuum the lawn.  They have to because they also feed the birds who make quite a mess.


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