Registering Lyn

Beginning on February 14, the city's Office of Senior Affairs will begin a program for people with dementia or Alzheimer's.  You can register the person and give a recent photo.  If the registered person wanders away the caregiver notifies the city.  An immediate search begins; very much like an Amber alert.  Mom called the City and asked if this includes people with early on-set because the newspaper article just says "seniors.''  The lady who answered said it will include anyone with the condition.   On the 14th, Mom will go to the Senior Center and register Lyn.  It is a new program which has been put into place after a 73 year old gentleman with Alzheimer's died from exposure after being lost for a week.

In the meantime, Lyn will keep to her schedule of outtings and bowling.  She starts as a day hab client on Monday and will be attending activities at the second day hab facility they visited.


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