Nature Walk

Earlier this week, Lyn decided that her activity at day hab would be a visit to the Rio Grande Nature Center.

At the Nature Center's entrance
The Nature Center is in the bosque along the Rio Grande there in Albuquerque.  The grounds are extensive  and trails extend for miles along the river.  The paths are well maintained and highly used by walkers, joggers and individuals on bikes each day.

She saw ducks when she went to the observation deck and looked out over the pond.  Lyn was excited to see a police officer patrolling the area in his trucks.  However, she was disappointed to not see any turtles in the pond.  She heard cranes and geese, too.

At the end of the day, she was exhausted.  She wanted to call me because the mittens I had made her arrived but she was struggling to stay awake until dinner time.  It doesn't take much to wear her out anymore and 9 pm is her new bedtime.  Even Thursday's bowling is wearing her out now, too.


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