Day Hab Begins

Yesterday, Lyn started with her new day hab.  She will be going five days a week and will take a lunch with her each day.  The client to care provider ratio is great; nearly one to one.  This allows the staff to focus on the needs of each client.

Today, Lyn got to go bowling.  She didn't have her own gear and bowled an 85.  (I won't chart it because it was equipment she's not used to and that does make a difference.)  Tomorrow, they are planning to make cookies in the morning, having lunch at the mall and then walk around the mall for a while.

Lyn was super excited to go.  When Mom picked her up in the afternoon, Lyn was happy with her time there.  She chatted nearly the entire ride home.

When I called, it was only about 2 hours after Mom picked Lyn up.  It was well before their dinner time and Lyn was already in the bath.  She was already folding up for the night.  Lyn got to the phone before the call ended and wanted to talk to me.  "My whole entire day was good!"

Mom says that if every day is even kind of this good for Lyn, then it is good for them both.  It is a welcome 4 hours of additional interaction for Lyn and a welcome resource for Mom.


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