Ft. Union

Every couple of years, Mom likes to head out to the ruins of Ft. Union as one of their day trips.  Lyn does not like that location for a day trip.  She tolerates it because she is getting out (a daily requirement) and she knows she'll be home before sunset.

Picking a rock out of her shoe

Ft. Union is out in the middle of nowhere.  The nearest food, gas or lodging is about 29 miles South or 54 miles North.  The ruins, which encompass three forts of the same name, are a three hour drive from Albuquerque.

The trip, due to the wonderful weather in New Mexico, usually involves a picnic lunch, a sunny day, a bit of breeze and those intoxicating New Mexican skies.  What's not to like?

Apparently, a lot.  Don't let the glasses fool you.  She's giving The Look.


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