Day Hab Week 1

The first week of day hab has ended and it has been a resounding success.  Lyn likes the staff.  Lyn likes the other clients and the possibilities for the activities she can choose from.  She's come home each day happy but tired.  Her activities for the week included:

Monday - Bowling - score 85
Tuesday - Made Valentines cookies and walked the mall
Wednesday - Bowling - score 95
Thursday - Watched the airplanes land and take off at the airport viewing area
Friday - Went to a dollar movie

The day hab staff are starting a daily log to record Lyn's activities.  Lyn will be asked to decorate it.  She's very excited.  Aside from noting her daily activities, they will note her behavior and her responses to various events.

After Thursday's time at day hab, Lyn had her regularly scheduled bowling.  As you can see from her scores, she's not always consistent.  Thursday's scores were pretty tightly grouped.  She was on and it was a good day.


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