Very Clever

Mom took Lyn to the circus on Sunday.  Their tickets were a gift from the local Shriner's again.

Their program
They left the house early to get there because they live on the opposite side of town.  Plus, Mom figured it might be easier on my sister to get there before a press of people at the door.  They found a parking spot right near the entrance to Tingley Coliseum which was the venue for the show.  They were in and seated within minutes and Lyn was comfortable and happy.

The three rings of the circus were kept busy at all times during the show.  Lyn, of course, loved the clowns.

After each act, Lyn would declare that it was "very clever."  It didn't matter if it was the tigers, the jugglers or the arial acts.  They were all very clever. 

Lyn tells me that her favorite performance was the trapeze.  She told her speech therapist that her favorite was the motorcycles in the Ball of Death.  Either way, Lyn was excited to be at the circus.  Her excitement helped keep her comfortable despite the large crowd.  The early arrival and then waiting a bit before departure kept Lyn out of the mass passing through the doors which also helped.


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