My sister loves having a camera at hand.  If there is an event, a planned trip or people visiting, she's often got her camera out.  Back in the day, she would use the Polaroid and then stand there waving the picture while it developed.  She always travels with a camera.

The polaroid went to Colonial Williamsburg.

The trip to Busch Gardens required a disposable 35mm.

While a cookout in the back yard brought out a different 35mm camera.

She documents her life and fills her photo albums with her pictures.  While she has taken some good shots in her life, there are many pictures involving stray fingers intruding on the image.  She also seems to have a knack for capturing the least flattering candids possible.


  1. She seems to chop off the tops of a person's head. But she loves pictures and has 6 big albums to prove it.


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