9 and 10

There are times when Mom and I, during a Skype session, have to turn to deal with our respective children and their behavior.  Usually, it is one or the other of us.  Sometimes, it is both.

We've taken to using a short-hand communication that we both understand.  Instead of saying "Gee, this person is really bothering me and their behavior is not the best today.  I wish they would just stop right now" or "For the love of God, stop it already!" or something similar,  we often just look at each other and say "...9... and 10."

We both have special needs children who have behavior issues despite their vast age differences.  So, in many ways, we are able to empathize with each other.  As all parents know, some days are more trying than others.


  1. Lyn is beautiful, even sporting "the look" ;-) God bless you both, you are both wonderful moms!! <3


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