The Circus

Every year, for the last four years, Lyn has been treated to the circus by the generosity of the Shriners there in New Mexico.  The gentlemen who host her at the circus treat her like a queen.

They have gotten her up onto the elephant for a ride.  They have had her seated in the box seats with the Potentate and the other leaders.  They have allowed her floor access to meet the clowns.

I don't know how they were put in touch with my sister; perhaps through Special Olympics or perhaps because of her job at Wendy's.  Either way, their kindness to her has brought her so much joy.  She has been to the circus many times before; just never as a special guest getting fussed over.

These smiles tell of her great delight.

If any of the Shriners ever read this, thank you.

Update:  When I wrote this last night, I didn't know that the Shriners had once again sent Lyn tickets.  Lyn is thrilled that she'll be attending this year's performance later this month.  Once again, to the gentlemen of the Shriners, thank you.


  1. Our tickets arrived so we'll go again Feb 12th. She's very excited again.


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