She Decided

From Mom:

Out of the blue I was informed that "I don't have Sundowner's."  We weren't talking about anything when this came out about an hour ago.  I asked why she said that and she said  "just because".  I asked if she knew what it was and she said she didn't.  So, I briefly explained.  I asked if she remembered going down to Las Cruces for Special Olympics and would be upset and cry before bed.  Yes, she remembered.  So I said, that was because she wasn't at home where things were familiar.  She would cry as a way to deal with it.  She acknowledged in the morning everything was ok again.

I told her it wasn't something we worry about now that we know why she gets anxious and cries like that.  She said we won't have to worry about her crying because she will just be here.  I agreed that was best for her.

End of discussion.


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