Feel Free to Say Hi

A friend from high school sent me a private message on FaceBook last week to tell me that he had spotted Mom and Lyn out in town.  It turns out that he actually spotted Lyn and her respite provider out for dinner.

My friend didn't approach to say "Hi" despite being tempted.  The hesitation was a result of not wanting to cause Lyn any discomfort if she didn't remember him.   I've assured my friend that the next time he sees them, he should feel free to say "Hi."

Lyn and Mom are frequently stopped when they're out and about by people who recognize Lyn.  She's met so many people over the years through the years as a result of Special Olympics or from working at Wendy's that she has no problem welcoming people who stop to say "Hi."  She may not be able to say where she met them or when, but she's so social that she'll gladly chat and wish them well.  She's not uncomfortable if she doesn't recognize someone.  The person came up to speak to her and that's all that matters.

Lyn really never understood the concept of "stranger" and figures everyone is a potential friend.  It is a good way to approach life, I think.  It assumes the best in everyone and most people really are as kind as they seem.

So, if you're ever out and spot Lyn with Mom or her respite provider, introduce yourself and say "Hi."  You'll make them smile.


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