Ice Cream

Lyn came home from her time out with her respite provider and was excited to tell Mom about something she noticed while they were out.

Lyn stated, "You know, ice cream is cold.  They opened a new store."  Mom took a guess that a new DairyQueen opened on the west side of the city.  "No," Lyn corrected, "it is the stone place."  "Ah, yes.  Cold Stone." was Mom response.  She was pleased to have made the connection with Lyn.

"No, I'm talking about STONED ice cream." Mom asked Lyn to show her where the new store was when they were out because she'd like to try it.  Lyn promised she would if Mom liked "stoned ice cream."

The following day, Lyn was highly repetitive and interrupting.  When Mom and I spoke, she joked about how a little stoned ice cream might just help.

Happy New Year!


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