Three Between Us

This summer when my family and I visited Mom and Lyn, I took my children to Explora on one of the mornings.  Lyn didn't come with us because it was going to be too loud and chaotic.  It is too loud and chaotic on a good day for my preferences and that day was particularly crazy because a local radio station was providing free admissions for the first two or three hours the facility was open.  (We didn't know when we planned our trip.  Had we, I probably would have avoided it.)

One of the few places in Explora which didn't have a mass of boisterous children was the gift shop.  While I lingered there, I spotted a petri dish of giant plush microbes and realized it was just right to share.

Mom jokes with Lyn that some days, between the two of them, they have at least two brain cells.  Now they have at least three.  Mom keeps her plush neuron by the computer.  I keep mine at my desk cozied up to a plush white blood cell.  (Don't ask.)


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