Happy 501st!

No, this not about the wonderful people connected with the 501st.  Though we have encountered them at the Rio Grande Zoo.  Imagine coming around a corner after viewing the Polar bears to see Darth Vader and a bunch of Storm Troopers marching along on the opposite side of the green from you.  Not something you expect to see when you're at the zoo.  My eldest and I were pretty excited.  Lyn was not impressed.

Members of the 501st at the Rio Grande Zoo - July 2009

This is my realization that yesterday's blog post the number 500 for Dementia be Damned.  So, today, we'll celebrate the 501st instead.

I don't always look at the stats, but there is some interesting information there.  So far, we've had 22,830 page views.  Google searches, Facebook and Metafilter are the sites that provide the largest number of references here.  The post with the most page views is the one I wrote calling coconut oil into question as a treatment for dementia.

Most of our readers are in the United States.  However, we have regular readers in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and France.  I've noticed a growing number of readers originating in Brazil, India and the Phillippines.  Ireland has even popped up on my radar.  Welcome one and all!

So, thank you for reading any of the first 500.  Hopefully, we'll have another 500 more.

(An aside to any members of the 501st who might read this.  Why is Neil deGrasse Tyson not listed in your ranks of honorary members?  This seems like a missed opportunity that should be corrected.)


  1. Thank you all for your interest. I am so very proud of the work my daughter has done on behalf of her sister and dementia. We learn so much here.


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