Bowling in 2013

Lyn's been bowling quite well the last couple of weeks.  She's actually been going to the alley angry and her scores have been higher than they have been in a while.  She was showing an upward trend in her scores.

This week, she had a good afternoon and wasn't angry when she went bowling.  There was a 30 point difference between her two scores.  Meaningful?  Probably not but worth noting at least.

When we were talking over the weekend, she was bragged about last week's scores.  I assured her that if she and I were to bowl against each other that she would win.  She's a better bowler than I am on any given day.  I told her that she's always been better at sports than me and that it was one of the things I like about her.  I like that she's good at sports.  I like that we're different.

It was interesting to watch how she reacted to the conversation.  At first, it was like she wanted to prove to me that her scores were good.  There was a challenge and a chip of attitude.  When I praised her skills and assured her she was better than me, she settled in and seemed mollified.  I'm not sure if she was really understanding what I was saying when I was talking about what I like about her, but she knew I was saying something nice that she couldn't really counter.

We'll see if a similar conversation is repeated this weekend.


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