Three Month Check Up

Yesterday, Lyn had her three month check up with her primary care physician.  It went well.

The doctor did find that Lyn has the beginnings of another sinus infection and has put her on antibiotics to knock it out before it gets worse and knocks her out.  Lyn complained of her ear feeling plugged.  It wasn't.  There's no build up of fluids or wax in her ear.  Lyn also complained of the top of her head hurting still.  The doctor was unable to determine a cause of the discomfort.  She did suggest it could be muscle spasms.  However, as long as there's no dizziness or vision issues, Lyn and Mom don't need to worry about it.  Both issues seemed to have resolved once the doctor checked Lyn over.

After the doctor's visit, Mom took Lyn to day hab.  She came home without her lunch because one of the employees had cooked lunch for everyone.  It was chicken spaghetti.  Lyn typically doesn't like to try new foods.  However, this dish won her over and she enjoyed it, saving her packed lunch for today.    


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