Ski Bunny

As a Special Olympian, Lyn has competing in a number of different sports.  The sport she's competed in the longest is bowling.  The sport she competed in for the shortest time was gymnastics.  She's also done various track and field events and she skied for a number of years.  In all the sports, however, Lyn   worked hard to learn the rules properly so that she was not disqualified during competition.

When Lyn skied, she raced down-hill; not cross-country.  The rules stated that she had to use the ski poles.  Lyn hated using the poles and strongly objected to it.  She didn't want to use them.  However, her coaches helped her understand that she had to use the poles.  And so, she did.

At the start of her race, Lyn held the poles straight out in front of her.  She didn't tuck they under so the points were behind her.  They were out front like she was ready to joust.  We always worried that someone would be in front of her while she raced and that they would be horribly skewered.  Fortunately, that never happened.

She loves the snow

She may have had an unorthodox style, but it worked for her.  She took a number of gold medals this way.


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