Update on the Human Connectome Project

When last we heard about the Human Connectome Project, it was August 2011 and a lot has happened since then.  They were in the early stages of the study at that point and even though a few images had been released, there was still more to collect.  The project actually began in 2009.

In September 2011, the specialized Connectome Scanner was delivered to Massachusetts General Hospital.  The hospital is a participating partner in the study.  The Connectome Scanner uses diffusion MRI technology to map the flow of water along the neurons of the brain to reveal the internal map of how the neurons connect to each other.

In January 2012, the project released data from the first three human subjects.

In March 2012, the study announced that the structure of the brain is built on a three-dimensional grid-like structure.  It is a surprisingly simple structure of fibers running parallel or perpendicular to each other creating curving boxes.

The studies continue and the Project is making data available.

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Update 2/19/2013:  This article came to my attention after I wrote the above post.
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