Oximetry Review

A year ago, Lyn underwent an oximetry test before being placed on oxygen at night.  Her results were so low, she was at risk of passing away in her sleep at any time.  She's been on oxygen for a year now, using an oxygen condenser while she sleeps.  She was not put on a CPAP machine because she would not agree to a sleep study and the specialist did not believe a mobile sleep study would be sufficient.

Last night, Lyn had to go through the oximetry test again.  It was necessary because she has to be recertified as needing oxygen during sleep.  She was not happy to know that she had to submit to the test.  Yes, The Look came out in full force.  Fortunately, the test is pretty unobtrusive.  She just had to have one finger gently clamped into the oximeter's sensor.  She was not allowed to sleep with oxygen on because it would defeat the purpose of the test.

We should know shortly what the results are and if she is recertified to continue using the oxygen condenser.


  1. Disgruntled, by VA regs. I have ards, and I have had aspirated pneumonia, seriously,8 times In the last 6 years. I was put on an oxygen concentrator one year ago, and have not been sick since! However, I was told I had to take another oximeter test. Well, yes, my oxygen level did drop down below 88 %, but not for a long enough time, VA says they will no longer pay for it.Served my country, came out with ptsd,etc,they are saying it is not their responsibility to pay, without taking into account the 3 times I have been given the last rites,parents called and told to come and say goodbye, the whole 9. I kept miraculously coming back to life, but I do not meet their criteria. Our tax$ hard at work. I do not get the lack of accountability for VA employees, in the Roseburg Oregon system anyway.God bless y,all.Doug

  2. Thank you for the comment. Lyn's oxygen condenser was eventually approved. It amazes me the struggle folks have to go through to get the supports they need. Good luck to you!


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