Cheering for the Plummer

Sunday night was PBR night.  Lyn was very excited.  She had her dinner on a tv tray and she was stationed in front of the television where she could eat and cheer at the same time.  She directed Mom to call us to tell us who was competing.

Mom called to tell us the important news.  A bull named Plummer Butt was in the night's line-up.  He's a big cream bull with black spots and a black nose.  Lyn likes him because his name makes her laugh just like Booger Butt did before he retired.  A few years ago, my eldest spent a week with Mom and Lyn and Lyn introduced the child to Booger Butt.  I'm not sure who laughed harder; Lyn or my child.  Lyn wanted to make my child laugh on Sunday by sharing the newer bull's name.

As she ate her dinner, she cheered for Plummer Butt and screamed in delight when he bucked off the rider at 3.6 seconds.  She's already counting down the days until they go to the Pitt for the PBR event in March.  She's excited because they've already bought their tickets.  If you think she's engaged when cheering on the bulls and riders from her living room, you should see her scream herself hoarse when she's at the arena.

(I wondered how long it would be before I actually typed the words "Booger Butt" on this blog.  Now, I know.)


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