A Happy Easter

Mom and Lyn had a very happy, low-key Easter weekend.  It was a gift, honestly.

Mom suggested to Lyn that she stay home on Friday and Saturday to help out with the food preparations for their Easter dinner.  Their lovely neighbor would be joining them for an early dinner after church.  Lyn, surprisingly agreed.

Not only did she agree, she was helpful, cheerful and sweet the entire weekend.  She didn't give attitude, The Look or grumble about not going out each day.  She helped Mom clean, bake a peach cake, make coconut birds nests and actively participated in the dinner preparations.  If Mom asked her to do something, she was willing and engaged.  Even the task of planting a few flowers saw her committed to it for more than 2 minutes.

Lyn was excited that the Easter Man had brought her bubble gum eggs.  "They look like real eggs but they're bubble gum in a carton like real eggs!" She figures the Easter Man was very nice to Nikka because Nikka didn't bark when he visited.

When I called to speak with them on both Saturday and Sunday, Mom kept commenting on how thankful she was to have this sweet weekend with Lyn.  I am happy for them.  The happy, relaxed day like this are few and far between.  To have three together really is a gift.

On both Saturday and Sunday, she had eaten and bathed by 4:30 and was in bed as the sun was going down, tired but content.

We hope your Easter was as filled with love as theirs!


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