Gathering of Nations 2013

Today, Lyn is going to attend the Gathering of Nations.  It is at The Pit which is the same place she goes to watch the PBR bull riders.  There will be about 100,000 people who attend some part of the three day event.  It is the largest Pow Wow in North America with members of over 500 tribes from Canada and the US attending.

A Pow Wow is a celebration and a dance competition.  There will be over 3,000 dancers performing.  The colors of the dancers' costumes will enchant Lyn.  The shawls, the beaded clothing and the feathers  from so many places are beautiful and stunning.

Lyn is so excited.  She came home from bowling completely amped up, talking loud and fast.  She sat on the edge of her seat for the PBR event.  She will be just as happy at this one even though the crowd will be larger.


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