To Jemez and Back

On Sunday, Mom and Lyn drove up to Jemez to show the beautiful red rocks to a friend visiting from Texas.  They really enjoy playing tour guide to anyone who visits.

They left early in the morning to drive up past Soda Dam, have brunch in the cafe and stop in the Jemez Pueblo visitor's center.  They've gone often enough now that the gentleman at the visitor's center recognized them.

Lyn took her car book with her to look at as they drove along.  She had added a new picture to the book as well.  It was a picture cut from the morning's paper of the new giraffe calf born at the zoo this week.  The book seemed to help her stay calm for a while.

Mom kept checking on Lyn in the rear view mirror.  When she saw Lyn starting to look anxious, she turned around and they headed for home.  They both agreed it was a good day.


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