Helping Her Remember

One of the questions you will find is pointless is "Do you remember...?"  The chances are that the individual with dementia won't be able to remember and they may try to cover that fact.  Lyn still tries to cover even when she's not directly asked that question.  Mom writes:

"On Saturday, when I read that the nursery we frequented for a number of years had re-opened, I told her and said we would go over there.  Now, it's been 11 years since they had closed.  She agreed with everything I said but I could tell from her eyes that she had NO clue.  After a few minutes, I said "when we would buy something the lady always told us to be sure to get our "good luck" plant (a freebie)."  Her face lit up and she suddenly remembered!  As we drove down Isleta, she began to tell me where it was and she was right.  She knew where we were going.  She remembered the owner and was excited to be back there."

I find it interesting that a memory was sparked by the "good luck plant" idea.  The name of the nursery was meaningless.  


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