Black is Most Comfortable

The first time Mom and Lyn went shopping for new shoes, they struck out.

Neither Target nor Payless had anything.  There was no DSW closer than 6 hours drive to check either.  Lyn didn't want the elastic, spiral laces that don't need to be tied that Payless offered.

Fortunately, a friend of mine from college point out that her Grandmother wears velcro shoes for the same reason that Lyn now needs them.  Her Grandmother gets them at Walmart.

Mom had a week to mentally prepare for the trip into Walmart.  She hates the place.  It is typically overstuffed with merchandise that is poorly made and she rarely finds assistance when she needs it.  This time, she didn't need assistance.

Lyn tried on several pair.  One size was too tight so they went up a size.  It was the right size.  The store had the shoe in white and black.  Lyn tried on both.  She decided that black is the most comfortable color.

Lyn's happy with her new shoes and is able to secure them herself.


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