Between Classes

The only time my sister and I attended the same school was the time we spent in Big Timber, MT.  We were both in high school at the time.  

When we arrived, she would have been considered a sophomore and I was a junior according to our previous schools.  The school wasn't really prepared to deal with her and wanted to have her graduate the semester we arrived because of her age.  Mom fought for her to stay in school another year and that allowed us to graduate together.

Montana 1991

I don't remember why I snapped this picture though I'm glad I did.  What I can tell is is that it was taken in the high school there in Big Timber.  It was taken between classes.  The passing periods between classes was 3 minutes.  That was a bit of a transition for us.  We came from schools with 10 minutes between classes. We quickly discovered that 3 minutes was possible because the school had only about 5% of the student body we were used to.  The school is smaller than our elementary schools.

Lyn worked hard in her classes for the 18 months we were there.  Unfortunately, I am not sure that her time there gave her any additional skills.  It just bought time for her before she was out in the workforce.


  1. Our son was in HS until he was 22. Keeping him in school was important. He did learn how to work at various jobs. Even now he ocassionaly quotes a teacher. (Don't step in that! It's dog poop!)
    Alaska had a great program.


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