Quarterly Check Up - Spring 2013

Lyn had her quarterly check up yesterday.  She's doing OK.

A couple of times during the exam, she wanted to tell her physician something but forgot what she wanted to say and looked away each time.  The physician glanced at Mom each time and nodded, recognizing the progression of her Alzheimer's.

The check up was moved up by a week or so to accommodate documentation her insurance provider needs to continue coverage on the oxygen condenser.  They had the results of the mobile oximetry test done in Feburary but didn't have a write up of a in-person exam by the physician stating that oxygen was an on-going need.

Mom has to keep documentation on each of Lyn's appointment's and a summary of each day.  She has it organized into a couple of folders.  As a result, when the company that provides the oxygen condenser called to explain their documentation needs for the insurance company, Mom had everything at hand and was quickly able to reschedule Lyn's appointment to meet the deadline the insurance company had stated.  Mom also used to handle insurance processing for several doctors and understands how to work with insurance and care providers in depth.

Unless my sister has a medical need such as a sinus infection, it will be three months before she sees her physician again.


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