The Nest

When we lived in Virginia Beach, Lyn loved to visit a couple of places each time she visited.  One was the Virginia Marine Science Museum.

We could wander through the aquariums and watch the fish, turtles and sharks for some time before she would want to move along.  The walk through the marshes was always pleasant even when she'd make sure that we stayed together.

Along the marsh path  The museum had installed a nest you could sit in to imagine what a baby bird may feel while still in the nest.  It took us some time to convince Lyn to get into the nest.  We tried to convince her it was safe to sit in it.  She didn't believe us and thought we were crazy to suggest getting a picture of her in a nest.

Mom eventually suggested that they could get in together.  Lyn waited to make sure Mom did get in before she stepped in as well.  She squatted down and that was it.  We had to take the picture fast.

She popped out as soon as she heard the shutter go off.


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