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Our tickets are purchased.  Our bags will be packed this weekend.  In just a couple of days, we'll be in New Mexico spending time with Mom and Lyn.  We will be there a week and have a few things planned.

There's the wedding of my Mother's other daughter.  We will all attend the ceremony.  Mom has graciously offered to care for the kids so my husband and I can attend the reception like grown ups.  You'd think that caring for an Alzheimer's patient would be more than enough.  Yet, here she is asking for unsupervised time with the two kids.  Either she's crazy or she's a grandma excited to see the kids.  Maybe it is a bit of both.

There's a team meeting for Lyn with her staff.  I always appreciate that a meeting is scheduled during our visit.  This gives me an opportunity to participate in person, to observe the dynamics of the group and to feel like I'm part of Lyn's care circle.

There's time for eating as much chile as we can stuff in our gobs.  Given that you can get chile with each meal, including dessert, I assure you, we'll be sweating chile by the time we fly home.  A colleague asked if I like Christmas chile and I surprised her by saying I didn't care for it.  Christmas chile is when you have both green and red chile on a single plate.  I'm a green chile girl all the way.  Red chile tastes brown to me and I don't care for it.  (Sorry, I can't explain it any other way.)  I know that admission puts me at risk of being booted from the New Mexican club, but it is the truth.

There is an opportunity to get family portraits done as well.  It has been a few years since we've had them done and I'm not sure it would be wise to delay.  A year from now, we may not be able to actually manage a session with Lyn.  So, we'll make it work.  I'm very excited about it and hope we get a good one or two.  It should be interesting between Lyn's behaviors and those of my little one.

I just hope for a smile.


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