A Friend's Wedding

On Saturday, Mom and Lyn attended the wedding of a friend of the family.  They had been looking forward to it since they received the invitation.  It was an intimate affair with the couple's families and a small collection of friends.  I am honored that they thought to include us and regret I was unable to fly out to join them on their day.

Lyn spent a lot of time thinking about what she wanted to wear and eventually decided that the outfit she wore to a wedding a year ago is her go-to wedding attire.

Once they arrived and were seated, Lyn turned to Mom and told her she was "happy we came."  Fortunately, Mom had her camera out, ready to snap a few pictures and was able to capture Lyn's expression.

Don't let the expression fool you.  She really was happy to be there.  She enjoyed herself and was happy to help the couple celebrate their vows.  The small setting and the time of day all worked together to allow Mom and Lyn to participate without Lyn melting down due to anxiety.

We all wish the newly weds a lifetime of happiness together.  We are thrilled they have each other!


  1. We are thrilled they came and shared our special day! We are very happy they enjoyed themselves!
    Hugs, Shannon

  2. I'm so glad they were able to enjoy this event!


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