Biding Time

Yesterday afternoon, Lyn couldn't understand why Mom said we would not Skype.  Mom told her that I was fighting a migraine.  Even when she explained it as "a bad headache," it was clear that she just didn't understand why I wasn't talking with them.  I suspected this was going to be the case and made sure to call them a little later in the afternoon than normal.  

Lyn had decided to wait for my call and worked on sorting beads to bide her time.  

She hadn't touched her beads much in recent months but dug them out about two weeks ago.  When she did, she decided that they had previously been sorted all wrong.  The blue beads should not be put near the purple beads.  She dumped them all out and started sorting them again.  As you can see, she's about halfway through the sort project.  

It is a useful way for her to bide her time.  After our call, she sat back down and picked up where she had left off, a little calmer for having had our conversation.


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