Lyn's always had an affinity for dogs.  She doesn't care for cats and the fact that they make her sneeze just adds to her desire to deal with them.  All of our dogs have been so responsive to Lyn throughout her life.  They know she's different and they meet her at the level that she can handle.

My dogs were no exception.  You'd expect my Bernese Mountain Dog Ian to sit and gently accept pets from Lyn and he did.  Berners are gentle giants who embody love.  It is a hairy kind of love that will lean into with all 100+ lbs of snuggle if you even hint at attention.  However, we weren't entirely sure how our American Bulldog, Magda, would do with Lyn.  Mags is much more enthusiastic and can tear through the yard like her tail's on fire when she gets excited.  She'll grab a toy and shake it so hard its ends will knock against her skull.  She's been stung by bees and shakes it off.  She's a level of intense that Ian just doesn't comprehend.  She's also a love.

Mags toned it all down while Lyn was here.  Even a game of tug was more like a slow dance.  Lyn was delighted and lavished both dogs with attention and they reciprocated.


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