Evening Anxiety

Earlier this week, Mom took Lyn out to a very early dinner.  They were at the restaurant by 4 pm and had not gone very far from home.  When they got home, they gave me a call and we chatted for a bit. About an hour later, Mom wrote me saying:

You know how someone hugs themselves when cold?  That's how she was sitting in her chair.

I asked if she was cold.  No.
I asked if she was sad that she didn't talk to you.  No.
I asked if she was tired.  No.

Then it dawned on me.  "Are you still a little anxious from being out after dark?"  "Yes and I don't like it."  The tears began.  I got up and hugged her.  I suggested she go take a bath since she's also tired.  Forget about Wheel of Fortune.


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