A Year Ago

A year ago this week, Lyn and Mom made the journey from New Mexico to Virginia to spend the week with my family.  The week had its challenges, but we were all glad we did it.

Looking back, it is hard to believe it was just a year.  I would have argued that it was two or three years ago until I saw the dates on the pictures which have sat on my desktop ever since.  I've looked at them every time I access my computer.  At some point, I decided to use them for this week's blog.  (That decision was months ago.)

Her face has changed so much in this past year.  Her walk is more of a shuffle than it was even a year ago.  She's more argumentative and stumbles over her words more.  She's quick to cry and struggles with anxiety.  However, she remains essentially Lyn.

She can be drawn out on certain topics and can express excitement or laughter.  She still likes to engage with handsome men, particularly those in uniform.  She likes to help and be considered helpful even if she really is not.  She still loves Nikka with a passion and howls with laughter because of the dog's antics.

She is eagerly anticipating Christmas and a message from Santa.  She assures me that as soon as Santa's website is up, she's going to email him and tell him how good she's been because she put away her clean clothes this week.  Santa will send her a message soon.  The site I've used for the past few years is back up.  I'll do it again for her this year but I'm waiting until December.

I'm happy that magic and excitement is still there for her.


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