Making Bracelets

While Mom and Lyn visited, we made sure that any shopping we did was early in the week.  Lyn might have been able to cope with the Black Friday crowds, but neither Mom nor I have any interest in shopping on that day.  Early in the week, Lyn had said she wanted to get a bracelet for one of the employees at day hab who was kind to her.  I asked if she might like to make a bracelet instead.  She liked that idea.  We spent Friday afternoon making jewelry.

Lyn found the small beads and fine wires too small to manage well.  Fortunately, I had various cords and some larger wooden and plastic beads from which she could choose.  She selected what she wanted and strung the beads together.  I just finished the ends for her.  She was very happy with the results and proudly delivered the bracelet to its intended recipient.

I was just glad I had some supplies on hand to entertain her.


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