A Busy Week

Lyn's gearing up for a busy week and I'm not sure how functional she will be come next Monday.  Aside from the regular Monday - Friday day hab adventures, the second half of the week is packed.

Thursday night ushers in the festivities with a Christmas dance at the Convention Center.  It is an annual event for the city's special needs citizens.  On Friday, she has a party at day hab and she's been asked to help sing some of the carols like Feliz Navidad.  When she leaves there, her respite provider has invited her to a second party.  Afterwards, they will go out to dinner and then view some Christmas lights with her respite provider.  On Saturday, she will spend the day with her respite provider.  On Sunday, she and Mom will be attending a matinee performance of the Nutcracker ballet.

Several of the events are happening after the sun sets.  Lyn wants to go to them all and so steps will be taken to help keep her from melting down with anxiety.  Medication helps and Lyn can leave at any time if it becomes too much for her.

When I commented that she'll be exhausted by Monday, she sharply corrected me that she will not because she can handle it.  I'm tired just thinking about it.


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