Calculations and Calendars

Lyn has an Advent calendar.  It is one of those that has little chocolates behind perforated card stock boxing.  Each day, Mom reminds her that she can open a door and get the day's piece.  Each day, Lyn counts the open doors.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5..."

She's been able to count each opening correctly so far.  When she finishes the count, she looses the number and is unable to remember the value which comes next.  It is as if the lack of another opening stops the count in her mind.  She wants the candy and picking any opening won't do for her.  She's found a solution though.

When she looses the count, she goes to check the newspaper.  She knows where to check for the date as Grandma taught her all those years ago.  She looks at the date and finds the corresponding number on the calendar.  Finding a match, she opens the door and gets her reward.


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