Making Chains

Do you recall making chains of craft paper to use as holiday decor?  Lyn and I both made them in school to decorate the classrooms.  I remember making a calendar to count down the days until Christmas.  We were to tear off one link a day.  This craft resurfaced recently because it is an activity they have been doing at day hab.

Lyn told me about making chains at day hab and asked if I needed some.  She noticed that I don't have much in the way of holiday decorations in the spot where I sit when when Skype.  I offered to send her some craft paper so she could make chains to decorate the house for Mom.  That distraction only worked for a minute and Mom was no help redirecting her away from decorating my house.  In fact, one could argue that Mom was directly interfering and trying to get Lyn focused on decorating my house instead of hers.  Mom even offered up a box and shipping.

I laughed it off until this week's conversation when Lyn showed me the chain of alternating red and green links that she's making for me.  I'm to hang it over the artwork in my dining room where she'll see it when we Skype.  Mom's got a box ready to go.  It's going to have to be a pretty good sized box to fit a chain designed for my wall.  The frame Lyn wants to have the chain hang from is 4 feet long.

My hope is that Mom will decide this project isn't worth the cost of shipping but, knowing her, she will send it anyway.  Just because.  Just because that means I'll have to hang it up when I get it.  Just because I may have to store it for a year too.  Just because Lyn made it for me and expects to see it when we Skype.

Red and green may not match my Christmas decor, but it will go up and we'll be sure to make a fuss over it as I quietly plot a way to get back at Mom for this.

Nothing says family holiday cheer than petty revenge.


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