Santa on Replay

Lyn's message from Santa is getting more play this year than any previously have been played.  When her mood is short-tempered and snappy, Mom's started turning on the video and turning up the sound so that Lyn can hear Santa remind her to be polite.  Lyn looks startled each time but instantly changes her tone of voice.

It seems to be working but the impact is always short-term.  She doesn't seem to remember that Mom has used the technique before.  She's struggling to keep from being constantly crabby.  If my brain was shorting out on me and I felt my abilities slipping away, I'm sure I'd be constantly crabby too.

On the positive side, one of the gifts that Lyn received for Christmas this year is a big hit.  She'd seen a wooden puzzle in a catalogue in the fall and had asked Mom if the puzzle was "Ok for grown-up ladies to have?"  Mom assured her it was and Lyn made her desire for the puzzle known.  To keep her from getting upset that Mom didn't buy her one right away, Mom told Lyn that the puzzles were on back order.  Lyn was thrilled to find one under the tree Christmas morning from Santa.  He was clearly the reason why the puzzle was on back order.

Perhaps it is the bright colors and the simple shapes that attract her to this puzzle.  Whatever the reason, she loves it and has been actively playing with it since she unwrapped it.  She'll be able to make different designs each time.  There's no picture for her to try to match do or pieces that have to lock together a particular way.  She can fit pieces and match colors however she likes.  This puzzle was a great find!


  1. That is an awesome puzzle! I bet it's very satisfying to work with.


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