Change Jars

From Mom earlier this month:

I was just paying bills.  She came in to see if I needed help so I gave her shredding to do.  I'll save the shreds for packing.

I told her I had some pennies for her jar.  After giving her a handful, I said "look how much I have to put in my jar."  (Mom also has a jar for loose change.)  I asked her if she wanted to trade pennies for quarters.  I brought the jar into the kitchen while she got her wallet.  She sorted her coins.  She had over $5 and with a straight face said that if I wanted to trade, she'd take 1/2 of what's in the jar and put it in her Cinderella bank.  I asked what she was trading for 1/2 the coins.  She handed me 2 quarters.  Somehow, I think I'd be shortchanged.

I suggested she get the Cinderella bank and put her coins in it.  She brought it in and put them in it.  It's quite heavy so she's been putting coins in it.

I asked if Minnie had many in her and she said "no, she doesn't like them."


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