Santa's Message

It is now December.  The Portable North Pole is back up and running and I can queue up a message for Lyn from Santa.  If you would like to see the message, feel free to view it here.

I love this service so much!  It brings her such excitement.

Mom had the camera ready when the video was sent to her.  Lyn has already watched it multiple times.

She's delighted and feeling confirmed that she's on the nice list.  She just grunted when she heard him ask her to try being more polite.  When the video was over for the second time, she called our Uncle and invited him to come over to view the message from Santa.

She's amazed that Santa sent her a message before she emailed him.  What she doesn't know is that I've already queued up a video from Santa for her birthday, reminding her to be good for the whole year.


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